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Plants named for Michaux


André Michaux is probably best remembered for Shortia galacifolia, the Oconee Bells, a plant he collected but did not name. The search for this rare plant by Harvard botanist Asa Gray and others during the nineteenth century did much to stir interest in André Michaux’s work. He remains an inspiring figure and has been honored with plant names by his fellow botanists a number of times.

Five plant species and one variety native to the Carolinas are named for André Michaux. Additional species were named for him in the past, but these names have been lost through taxonomic revisions.


Lilium michauxii Poiret LILIACEAE RAB 311 [Michaux’s Lily]

Saxifraga michauxii Britton SAXIFRAGACEAE RAB 528 [Michaux’s Saxifrage]

Astragalus michauxii (Kuntze) Hermann FABACEAE RAB 627

Rhus michauxii Sargent ANACARDIACEAE RAB 678 [Michaux’s Sumac]

Ascelpias michauxii Dcne. ASCLEPIADACEAE RAB 854

Polypodium polypodioides (L.) Watt. var michauxianum Weatherby POLYPODACEAE RAB 33 [Resurrection Fern]

One species is named for his son the botanist Francois André Michaux, author of the North American Sylva,1810-13.

Quercus michauxii Nuttall FAGACEAE RAB 376




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